[cfarm-users] having a bit of trouble with getting into the new netbsd and freebsd virtual machines

Assaf Gordon assafgordon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 05:36:03 CEST 2018

Hello Graff,

On 06/10/18 09:02 PM, CM Graff via cfarm-users wrote:
> To follow up, I think that the problem is a bit more complex. I am
> guessing now that there is a Linux/ELF compat mechanism somewhere in
> the default compiler search path. I think for hlibc to work with
> NetBSD I'll have to research how this all works, or perhaps even
> specify a different binary format. Because I am redirecting the
> compiler search paths to only look for hlibc's libc.a, crt1.o, crtn.o
> and crti.o something is probably getting excluded. Open to
> suggestions, but I am starting to think this is not a system
> maintenance issue but something of a different nature having to do
> with various less used compiler invocations.

I know very little about the above, but note that:

gcc300 is NetBSD 7.1 - not yet upgraded to NetBSD 8.0.
Not sure if there is a big difference.
I do plan to upgrade in the near future.

I've just installed clang-5.0.2 on gcc300,
perhaps using it instead of the (very old) gcc
would make things easier to troubleshoot.

  - assaf

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