[cfarm-users] having a bit of trouble with getting into the new netbsd and freebsd virtual machines

Assaf Gordon assafgordon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 23:14:12 CEST 2018

On 06/10/18 03:06 PM, Assaf Gordon wrote:

> On 06/10/18 02:25 PM, Olly Betts via cfarm-users wrote:
>> Not related to the ssh config, but I've noticed on the NetBSD VM that
>> if you call getaddrinfo() with ai_family is set to AF_INET and pass an
>> IPv6 address, you always seem to get an IPv4 address of a different
>> machine on the local network, whereas other systems fail to resolve in
>> this case.  You can see this with the command line getaddrinfo:
>> gcc300$ getaddrinfo -f inet -t stream ::1
>> stream inet tcp 0
>> I can work around this fairly easily, but if anyone can shed light on
>> what's going on I'd be grateful.  I failed to find any documentation or
>> discussion of this online, and I asked on #NetBSD but got no response.
>> I'm not sure if it's an oddity of the VM configuration or of NetBSD
>> generally.
> These BSD machines (gcc300-gcc303) are virtual machines which
> are running inside an internal network (192.168.66.X).
> The physical server hosting the VMs is
> The NetBSD VM is
> The public IP ( machine forwards the TCP ports (e.g. 2400)
> to the internal VMs.
> This seems pretty standard to me, but if there are possible
> improvements to the VM's configuration I'm happy to try them.

I should add that the physical server is a Debian 9 (stretch),
using libvirt as the virtual machine infrastructure,
and the networking is setup to "bridge" mode, as explained here:


Perhaps that is why, under certain circumstances, you get areply
with the physical host IP ( instead of the VM's IP.

Hope this helps,
  - assaf

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