[cfarm-users] gcc111 running AIX wtth gcc-4.8.1 does not have versions of mpfr, mpc of gmp capable of rebuilding gcc-4.8.1

CM Graff cm0graff at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 21:02:40 CEST 2017


Thank you for the first polite response I have gotten on this mailing
list, sorry to greet it with such severity however in the process of
testing and development I am rather choosy about what is a
professional level installation.

My toolchain building project grafland/toolchain is a standalone build
system that can retrieve development headers and do entire
installations on its own without the proper libraries installed and
without the additional gcc retrieval scripts, (which have no method of
checking package security without https which AIX lacks support for in
its wget) . This nearly exhaustive project was the premise under which
I was granted permission to use the cfarm.

However this is irrelevant. I would never ask any of you to use a
system that was not tested to be capable of rebuilding its own
compiler, as mine always are to at least 4 rebuilds of the system

At some point we'll have to address the dwindling resources at the
cfarm and the lack of interest in stewardship with some other method
than finding deficits in the approaches of its users.


On 10/12/17, Thomas Koenig <tkoenig at netcologne.de> wrote:
> Hi Graff,
>> Gcc recommends that the local libraries libgmp, libmpfr and libmpc be
>> installed on the development machine, which they are, but they do not
>> coordinate with gcc-4.8.1.
> I have found that running contrib/download_prerequisites from the
> gcc root directory resolves all problems with library versions
> flawlessly (and resolves quite a few problems both on my
> home machine and on the gcc compile farm). You can try that.
> Regards
> 	Thomas

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