[technique] Fwd: [atlas] RIPE Atlas CLI Toolset now available on NLNOG RING

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Mar 19 Avr 13:06:55 CEST 2016

Pour info, vu que tetaneutral participe au NLNOG ring.  Les outils atlas
en ligne de commande sont assez pratiques à utiliser :)

Au passage, les sessions BGP avec le ring ont l'air en vrac :



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Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 12:31:53 +0200
From: Vesna Manojlovic <BECHA at ripe.net>
To: RIPE Atlas People <ripe-atlas at ripe.net>
Subject: [atlas] RIPE Atlas CLI Toolset now available on NLNOG RING
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Dear colleagues,

in the spirit of cooperation between the monitoring & measuring
platforms, I am happy to announce:

RIPE Atlas CLI Toolset have been installed on RING!

If you are already participating in NLNOG RING, now you can use
RIPE Atlas CLI Toolset for "quick & dirty" access to RIPE Atlas
measurements & probes.

More info about RING: https://ring.nlnog.net

RING nodes are also available as targets through RIPE Atlas web interface for
measurements creation:


Reminder about CLI tools:



In addition to "raw install", tools are also packaged in many distros:
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Arch, Debian and Ubuntu (in progress: Fedora,

Examples of usage of RIPE Atlas CLI tools on RING:

ripe at ripe01:~$ ripe-atlas report 1001 --probes 1
20 bytes from probe #1 to
( ttl=59 times:6.658,   6.591,   6.298,

ripe at ripe01:~$ ripe-atlas measurements --af 6 --status ongoing --limit
15 --search nlnog

   Search: nlnog
   Af: 6
   Status in: (2,)

Id      Type       Description
1027844 traceroute Jump                              Ongoing
1027846 traceroute Clara DE                          Ongoing
1037103 ping       tenet01.ring.nlnog.net            Ongoing
1404594 ping       RedpillLinpro-v6                  Ongoing
1596748 ping       world4you01.ring.nlnog.net        Ongoing
1688325 ping       ping6 on amazon03                 Ongoing
3678270 traceroute Traceroute measurement to bluezonejordan01    Ongoing
                                      Showing 7 of 7 total measurements

ripe at ripe01:~$ ripe-atlas configure --setauthorisation.create=7b4c-xxxx

ripe at ripe01:~$ ripe-atlas measure ping --target ping.xs4all.nl

Looking good!  Your measurement was created and details about it can be
found here:

Connecting to stream...
48 bytes from probe #6174 to (
ttl=56 times:8.849, 8.781, 8.78,
48 bytes from probe #26941 to (
ttl=55 times:74.372, 74.487, 74.748, 48 bytes from probe #24596 to ( ttl=57 times:45.418,
45.249, 45.5,
48 bytes from probe #6187 to (
ttl=56 times:155.65, 155.58, 155.668, 48 bytes from probe #3207 to ( ttl=50 times:24.4, 27.627,
21.95, 48 bytes from probe #6186 to
( ttl=58 times:7.087, 7.101, 7.052, ...

Read more about it on RIPE Labs:

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