[cfarm-users] gcc110 disk is full

Martin Liška mliska at suse.cz
Wed Nov 3 10:48:43 CET 2021

On 10/12/20 15:55, David Edelsohn via cfarm-users wrote:
> gcc110 disk is full.  Please clean up your files.


We have the same problem again:
$ df -h
/dev/md4        1.6T  1.6T  7.5G 100% /home

David, can you please do:
du -hs /home/*

as the root user and report who occupies disk space the most?


> gcc110 primarily should be used to test PPC64 BE, not for regular
> development.  There are other, newer Power systems with more disk
> capacity that are available for regular development use.
> Thanks, David
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