[cfarm-users] New Apple Mac M1 machine (gcc304)

Assaf Gordon assafgordon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 01:31:14 CET 2021


Few updates about MiniMac-M1 (gcc304), based on recent posting:

1. automake/autoconf now installed (with HomeBrew).

2. gnu libtool is already available as "glibtool" (with HomeBrew).
It doesn't seems there's a "g-prefix-less" version installed.
"brew info libtool" says:
    ==> Caveats
    In order to prevent conflicts with Apple's own libtool we have
    prepended a "g" so, you have instead: glibtool and glibtoolize.

3. GCC is available as "aarch64-apple-darwin20-gcc-10"
    BTW, "brew list" will show what is installed.

4. Seems like the MiniMac-M1 crashed and restarted itself about two
hours ago. Might be expected from a new architecture and lots of 
testing. That's a good reminder that you shouldn't rely on the stability
of the machine.
For interested parties, the crashlog is included below.

5. Enabling "Developer Mode" is being investigated.
As it is a shared (and semi-public) machine, what are the security
implications of enabling it - e.g.
- what are the security implementations?
- can you attach to any of the user processes?
- can it leads to privilege escalations?
- can you only use Apple-signed lldb, or any debugger?
- will it compromise SIP ( 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_Integrity_Protection ) ?

If you have concrete details about these, please do share.

  - assaf gordon

======= CRASH report (shown after restart) =====
Attempting to forcibly halt cpu 0
cpu 0 failed to halt with error -5: halt not supported for this 
Debugger synchronization timed out; waited 10000000 nanoseconds
panic(cpu 1 caller 0xfffffe001ad16bc8): "Too many alloc retries: 502, 
table:0xfffffe001ea954e8, type:3, nelem:1"
Debugger message: panic
Memory ID: 0x6
OS release type: User
OS version: 20D64
Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 20.3.0: Thu Jan 21 00:06:51 PST 
2021; root:xnu-7195.81.3~1/RELEASE_ARM64_T8101
CORE 0 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ad01b2c
CORE 1 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1d748
CORE 2 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec0c
CORE 3 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec0c
CORE 4 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec10
CORE 5 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec10
CORE 6 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec10
CORE 7 recently retired instr at 0xfffffe001ae1ec10
Panicked task 0xfffffe1691f912a8: 269 pages, 3 threads: pid 28808: 
Panicked thread: 0xfffffe1691349960, backtrace: 0xfffffe308a88b5e0, tid: 
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad01fd0  fp: 0xfffffe308a88b650
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad01d9c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88b6c0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ae23f0c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88b6e0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ae158b8  fp: 0xfffffe308a88b790
                   lr: 0xfffffe001acbb7e8  fp: 0xfffffe308a88b7a0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad01a2c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bb30
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad01a2c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bba0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001b49c65c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bbc0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad16bc8  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bc40
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ad54354  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bc50
                   lr: 0xfffffe001b224e00  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bd70
                   lr: 0xfffffe001b224304  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bdb0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001b2fe7ac  fp: 0xfffffe308a88be40
                   lr: 0xfffffe001ae1559c  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bef0
                   lr: 0xfffffe001acbb7e8  fp: 0xfffffe308a88bf00

last started kext at 388297182: com.apple.filesystems.autofs    3.0 
(addr 0xfffffe001ab64000, size 16384)
last stopped kext at 2157746339712: 
com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBHostPacketFilter       1.0 (addr 
0xfffffe001aa54000, size 16384)

There's only one user with a "testam-par" binary on the minimac :)
But no worries - this is part and parcel of testing on a new architecture.

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