[cfarm-users] RISC-V emulated systems available in BETA

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sat Nov 21 19:36:32 CET 2020

On 21-11-20, Pierre Muller wrote:
> > - then run qemu-riscv64-static yourself from gcc140 with the options
> >    described by Andreas
>   Is there a way to access the home of the container gcc401 from the gcc140 machine?
>   I am sorry, but I really don't know docker,
> would it be possible to have a symbolic link from the gcc140 home directory to
> the home directory of gcc401 or gcc402?

By "shared" I mean that the /home from gcc140 is mounted as /home in
the containers.  Think of it as a remote NFS mount but on the same

So if you create ~/your-project/foo.c on gcc140, you can simply access
it with the exact same path on gcc401, gcc402, etc.

One of the reason this is still in BETA is that I'm not 100% sure we
will keep the containers on this host: if we move them to another
host, the content of /home will be different.

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