[cfarm-users] Moving on

Sasha Ford cm0graff at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 23:00:23 CET 2020

Hey guys,
After giving it some thought, and realizing that mailing lists make me a
bit nervous as does the whole internet scene--as I think Dennis Ritchie
said once: the news groups are a strange place. I'm pretty far into my
gender transition, and I've gotten married to a man who treats me well,
it's time for me to accept that I'm moving on from computing. The standard
c library that I wrote won't be getting updated as far as I know and at
some point bitrot will settle in. The algorithms of arbitrary precision
mathematics are fun but I probably won't be returning to it for many years
as and if my understanding of the usage of Fourier transformations and
complex numbers become something that I feel I can give back.
I ask that my keys be deleted and my account removed from the compiler
farm. I don't have time to keep up with the security updates for such
things or any interest in doing so.
It was nice working with all of you and I certainly learned a lot.
Yours always,
Sasha Ford
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