[cfarm-users] CPU speeds of GCC135?

Zach van Rijn me at zv.io
Sat Oct 27 16:38:39 CEST 2018

On Sat, 2018-10-27 at 16:29 +0200, Martin Guy via cfarm-users
> Hi!
>   Those are the idle cores; their clock speed in increased
> when they are active.
> $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep clock | sort -u
> clock		: 2166.000000MHz
> clock		: 2200.000000MHz
> clock		: 3400.000000MHz
> clock		: 3483.000000MHz
> clock		: 3800.000000MHz
> The maximum I'm ever seeing, when caning it with infinite
> loops, is 3800MHz
>     M

This is confirmed. You can also look up the product IDs to find
datasheets and other useful information:

$ lshw -sanitize
    description: PowerNV
    product: 9006-22P (supermicro,p9dsu2u)
    vendor: IBM
    serial: [REMOVED]
    width: 64 bits
    capabilities: smp powernv opal
       description: Motherboard
       physical id: 0
          description: POWER9, altivec supported
          product: 02CY230
          physical id: 24
          bus info: cpu at 0
          version: 2.2 (pvr 004e 1202)
          serial: [REMOVED]
          slot: UOPWR.130C67A-Node0-Proc0
          size: 2166MHz
          capacity: 3800MHz
          capabilities: performance-monitor cpufreq
          configuration: threads=4
             description: L1 Cache (instruction)
             physical id: 0
             size: 32KiB
             description: L1 Cache (data)
             physical id: 1
             size: 32KiB
             description: L2 Cache (unified)
             physical id: 2
             size: 512KiB
             description: L3 Cache (unified)
             physical id: 3
             size: 10MiB


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