[cfarm-users] having a bit of trouble with getting into the new netbsd and freebsd virtual machines

Assaf Gordon assafgordon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 6 22:16:34 CEST 2018

Hello Graff,

On 06/10/18 12:57 PM, CM Graff via cfarm-users wrote:
> `ssh cgraff1 at gcc303.fsffrance.org' and `ssh
> cgraff1 at gcc300.fsffrance.org' (the NetBSD and FreeBSD virtual
> machines) are not responding for me. It does not appear to be a key
> error.

I'm maintaining the gcc30{0,1,2,3} BSDs virtual machines.

Please note that these machine use a non-standard port (TCP port 
240{0,1,2,3} respectively).

The TCP Port is in the second column in this list:

In fact, all four hosts resolve to the same IP:

   $ for i in 0 1 2 3 ; do host gcc30$i.fsffrance.org ; done
   gcc300.fsffrance.org has address
   gcc301.fsffrance.org has address
   gcc302.fsffrance.org has address
   gcc303.fsffrance.org has address

For example, the command to connect to the NetBSD:

    ssh -p 2400 USER at gcc300.fsffrance.org

To save some typing, you can add the following to your .ssh/config file:

   host gcc300 netbsd
         Hostname gcc300.fsffrance.org
         Port 2400
         User REPLACEME

> I'm working at adding support for NetBSD and FreeBSD to hlibc
> (https://github.com/hlibc/hlibc) so it'd be nice to have these.
> FreeBSD is building and installing, but I don't have my own netbsd box
> right now. I'll start working at adding support for AIX in the
> meantime as these machines seem pretty stable and well maintained.

If there are any issues with these BSD machines, please let me know
and I'll fix them.

  - assaf

gcc301 is not a BSD, but Alpine Linux (which is a GNU-less linux 
distribution with musl-libc and busybox). It is not yet fully configured 
for automatic cfarm user login (alpine seems to be missing some packages
required for the standard configuration).
If you or others need access to alpine machine, send me an email with 
your SSH pub key and I'll add your user.

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