[cfarm-users] Upgrade status and status on cfarm offline

Torbjörn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Sat Aug 19 12:12:13 CEST 2017

Markus Trippelsdorf via cfarm-users <cfarm-users at lists.tetaneutral.net>

  On 2017.08.19 at 10:59 +0200, Aymeric via cfarm-users wrote:
  > gcc67 is unstable, we are aware, either there is a bug within the
  > processor or within the kernel (maybe both), last captured crash was a
  > kernel Oops. From what we found were are not the only one to have
  > stability issue with AMD Ryzen and Linux.
  It is a CPU bug. The only solution is to RMA the CPU. Just contact AMD.
  They are aware of the issue. All Ryzen CPUs are potentially affected.
  See: https://community.amd.com/thread/215773

Not all Ryzen CPUs are affected, only ones produced until some time
during the spring (week 25 CPUs are said to be good).

It is a good idea to flash the latest BIOS before doing anything else.
Many Ryzen bugs can be worked around with BIOS supplied firmware.  The
segfault bug might not have a firmware fix, though.

AMD asks customers to mess around with CPU voltages before RMAing their
CPUs.  That's just disrespectful and a little bit silly, IMO.

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