[cfarm-users] New website to manage the GCC compile farm

Don Bright hugh.m.bright at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 02:34:04 CEST 2017

This is outstanding work. Can the old Wiki have a re-direct or link to the
new site? The old Wiki is still the first google hit  for 'gnu compile
farm' and its full of wrong info.

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 6:43 PM, Baptiste Jonglez via cfarm-users <
cfarm-users at lists.tetaneutral.net> wrote:

> Dear compile farm users,
> We are happy to announce the availability of a new website to manage
> access to the farm!
> It currently has three end-users functions:
> 1) the ability to add and remove SSH keys yourself;
> 2) new users can now request an account directly from the website:
>    https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/users/new/
> 3) the description of farm machines is generated and updated
>    automatically: https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/
> This should resolve the growing backlog of unhandled requests.  In the
> near future, a ticket tracker will be added for requests that are not
> related to accounts or SSH keys.
> The site, still in beta status, is available at
> https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/
> All existing accounts have been imported: to start using the website if
> you already had access to the farm, please perform the following steps:
> 1) Enter your email address at https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/
> password_reset/
>    You will receive a link, allowing you to choose a password to connect
>    to the website.  If you don't receive an email after a while, you may
>    be using a different email address than the one registered in
>    the system.  In that case, send an email to cfarm-admins AT
> lists.tetaneutral.net
>    and provide your Unix login.
> 2) Once connected, you can add or remove SSH keys at
> https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/sshkey/list/
>    The new keys may take from a few minutes to several hours to get updated
>    on all farm machines.
> Existing SSH keys have been imported in the new website, with the
> exception of old-style plain RSA keys (starting with e.g. "1024 35 ...").
> This old key format is not supported anymore: as soon as you change your
> SSH keys on the website, these old keys will be overwritten on all farm
> machines.
> Regards,
> Baptiste, for the compile farm admin team
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