[technique] RIPE Atlas is using RING nodes as targets

Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Lun 16 Sep 15:42:27 CEST 2013

FYI. tetaneutral.net participe au RING et au programme
RIPE Atlas (avec une sonde a Myrys et une sonde
sur une ADSL adherent).



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From: becha <becha at ripe.net>
Subject: [Ring-users] RIPE Atlas is using RING nodes as targets
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 13:54:54 +0200

Dear RING users,

I am happy to announce the next step in cooperation between RIPE Atlas
and RING: since few days ago, RIPE Atlas users can create measurements
with a RING node as a destination! 

RIPE NCC's goal was to provide lots of stable and willing targets to
RIPE Atlas users, in addition to our own RIPE Atlas anchors. RING nodes
are valuable to us because of the RING worldwide coverage, while RIPE
NCC service region is already mostly covered with RIPE Atlas anchors. 

Currently, the features available are:
- RIPE Atlas users can select a RING node as a "target" for customized
measurement (UDM) 
- all the RING nodes we use are shown on the map & listed here:


- limitation: we only use those RING nodes that support both IPv6 and

You can read more about other new RIPE Atlas features here:

If you are already using RIPE Atlas, we would like to get your feedback
on this new feature, either to "atlas at ripe.net" or on the mailing list:
ripe-atlas at ripe.net

If you are interested in hosting a probe, or to see more results, please
visit https://atlas.ripe.net

Kind regards,

Vesna Manojlovic                                 BECHA at ripe.net
Senior Community Builder                       @Ms_Measurements
for Measurements Tools          RIPE NCC        http://ripe.net


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