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Subject: [USRP-users] Announcing the LiveUSB SDR Environment
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Ettus Research has released the LiveUSB SDR Environment - a 16 GB
bootable USB 3.0 drive, which comes pre-installed with Ubuntu 11.10,
UHD (USRP Hardware Driver), GNU Radio, OpenBTS, and associated
documentation. The SDR Environment enables users to get up and running
with the USRP product family quickly and easily, and lets users
familiarize themselves with the included software before installing it
on their own.   Additionally, the portability of the LiveUSB file
system can be used to deploy standard configurations in classrooms,
R&D labs, or other USRP installations.


* Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit
* Pre-installed Software: USRP Hardware Driver (UHD), GNU Radio, OpenBTS
* Documentation Included on Drive
* 16 GB
* USB 3.0 Read/Write Speeds - fast boot times and RF record/playback capability
* USB 2.0 Fallback
* Persistent File system - save files, configurations, and other customizations
* Portability - take your projects with you and boot on any PC

The LiveUSB includes the most recent release of UHD, GNU Radio, and
OpenBTS.  UHD is compatible with all USRP devices, and allows
applications to be easily ported across different USRP models.  The
UHD installation includes documentation and examples.  GNU Radio is an
easy-to-use, open-source, DSP toolbox that comes with GNU Radio
Companion, a graphical development tool.  OpenBTS is an open-source
GSM air-interface implementation, which can be used with the USRP
product family to assemble a fully functional cellular base station.

The LiveUSB Ubuntu OS is pre-configured to install UHD and GNU Radio
from the Ettus Research 'apt' repositories.  This allows users to
update the software without manually downloading, building, and
installing the source code.

This drive is compatible with USB 2.0 ports, but the system will take
longer to boot, load programs, and respond to user interaction.

Now, developing with the USRP product family is as easy as plugging in
the LiveUSB SDR Environment and booting up!

You can buy a USB 3 Flash Drive with the environment on it here:


Matt Ettus

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