[technique] Deploiement IPv6 a Ninux AirOS / OpenWRT

Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Jeu 7 Juin 09:27:20 CEST 2012


Un retour d'experience interessant :

We started our IPv6 deployment in March 2011. Unidata, an ISP operating
in the area of Rome (Italy), offered us the chance to make an IPv6 BGP
peering providing to us free transit to the public Internet (IPv6 only)
The hardest problem we faced was to have IPv6 support on our backbone
devices. The Ninux.org backbone runs mostly on Ubiquiti devices of the
M-Series. Running OpenWRT on these devices would give total IPv6
support, however the open source drivers coming with OpenWRT are not as
stable as the proprietary ones embedded in the AirOS firmware, leading
to poor performances when using OpenWRT.
This was not trivial, because we use OLSR as IGP routing protocol, and
the integration with Quagga is still experimental. We are still testing
Quagga version 0.99.21 with this patch
In addition to normal IPv6 Internet access we also set up some IPv6
services for our community members and for the all Internet:
- Jabber XMPP server (...)
- Openarena (...)
- Mumble server Mumble is an open source low latency voice chat software
that is really useful for quick conferences.(...)
- Owncloud (...)



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check out blog.ninux.org 

we released an interesting document


download the pdf file linked in the beginning


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