[cfarm-users] 16KB page size on gcc103 (M1 machine)

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Sun Mar 20 22:52:53 CET 2022


The new M1 machine gcc103 was initially running with a 4 KB page size
kernel, but we switched it to 16 KB on 2022-03-13.  16 KB is the native
page size for the hardware, and running a 4 KB kernel requires a patch [1],
see [2].

There are reports that running with 16 KB page size speeds up some tasks
(especially compilation) by about 20%.

However, some software assume a 4 KB page size and won't work at all with
16 KB.  Some don't expect build-time and run-time page size to be
different.  There is a recent effort from the Asahai project to collect
and fix such issues:


It's possible to contribute there if you feel like it.


[1] https://tg.st/u/0001-4k-iommu-patch.patch
[2] https://zv.io/blog/asahi-linux/
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