[cfarm-users] GCC220 and error: 'immintrin.h' file not found

Jeffrey Walton noloader at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 19:35:38 CET 2021

Hi Everyone,

I'm doing some testing on GCC220, which is OpenBSD 6.8. I'm catching a
compile error:

misc.cpp:24:25: error: immintrin.h: No such file or directory
misc.cpp:81: error: '__m128i' was not declared in this scope
misc.cpp:83: error: expected type-specifier before '__m128i'
misc.cpp:84: error: '_mm_castsi128_ps' was not declared in this scope

It looks like <immintrin.h> is missing and the SSE gear is not
included by other means.

I found several similar issues on the web and a similar thread at
The thread says the headers need to be installed. I'm not a BSD person
so I am not sure how correct that is.

Can someone verify all the headers are installed on the system?

Thanks in advance,


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