[cfarm-users] Please check your memory usage on GCC117

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Oct 13 15:31:01 CEST 2019

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 08:42:14AM -0400, Jeffrey Walton via cfarm-users wrote:
> I'm catching a OOM exception while trying to compile a source file on GCC117:
> $ make
> g++ -DNDEBUG -g2 -O3 -fPIC -pthread -pipe -c xts.cpp
> virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory
> GNUmakefile:1625: recipe for target 'xts.o' failed
> make: *** [xts.o] Error 1
> GCC117 has 16GB of RAM but no virtual memory because there is no page
> file. (If I am parsing an off-line conversation correctly). My guess
> is the OS or someone's application has a memory leak.
> Please check their jobs and ensure things look OK.

As I told you, this box has only 16GB, and no swap.  Only about half of
memory is used, and not from automatic tests (I would ruthlessly kill

Check your *own* job, it must have used 7GB or 8GB itself, making it the
biggest job running on this shared machine.

Or, it was something intermittent that ate all memory, in which case a)
it should work fine for you now; and b) please keep an eye out what it
is that is misbehaving.


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