[cfarm-users] SSH key fingerprints for gcc farm machine

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> >> But even a list on an https protected web page seems better than just
> >> having to trust on first use.
> >
> > +1, trusted distribution channels.
> Just a technical mini-point: https is cracked. There are hundreds of
> "trusted" certificare issuers, including, for example, the Library of
> Budapest. To man-in-the-middle an https transaction, you only need to
> corrupt one of the "trusted" CIs, issue falsies. With hundreds to
> choose from it's a doddle, and the NSA has millions in budget for
> exactly that purpose!

If you're worried about that, using shared servers that almost anybody can
get a local account on is probably a bad idea anyway :-)

Verifying you're connecting to the right host doesn't help much if bad
actors have a login to the host.

> I was always worried about the "certificate issuer" thing. And it
> turns out I was right!

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