[cfarm-users] gcc76 back online

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Fri Sep 1 19:31:25 CEST 2017

I forgot to mention: since the SSH host key has changed, it is necessary
to clear it from the known_hosts file:

  ssh-keygen -R gcc76.fsffrance.org
  ssh-keygen -R

Then the SSH client should not complain anymore.

On 01-09-17, Baptiste Jonglez via cfarm-users wrote:
> gcc76 had a disk crash this summer.  A new disk has been provided by
> tetaneutral.net (along with an additional RAM module for gcc75).
> The machine has just been reinstalled with a fresh Debian stretch amd64.
> It should now be usable again for farm users, but all user data was lost
> in the crash.  As a reminder: there is no guarantee about data availabilty
> on the farm.
> To see details about farm machines: https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/
> To request a package installation or report an issue: https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/tickets/
> Thanks to tetaneutral.net for the new hardware, and INSA Rouen for the
> hosting and support!
> Regards,
> Baptiste
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