[cfarm-users] Installing emacs on GCC119/AIX

Toebs Douglass toby at winterflaw.net
Wed Oct 11 16:33:50 CEST 2017

On 11/10/17 15:01, CM Graff via cfarm-users wrote:
> I believe the problem is that very few of us actually want or need
> AIX. It's nice of IBM to donate machines, but we need them running
> linux, netbsd or freebsd. I don't advertise my work here, and nor
> would I expect it to be pre-installed if I donated a machine. Why
> should IBM be any different. Furthermore, the product AIX is just not,
> and never has been important to the free software community, leading
> to time wastage and novelty test runs.

Could say the same about every non-Intel and non-ARM architecture :-)

For me, doing lock-free, I profoundly value every architecture I can get 
my hands on, because it helps me test code which is problematic to test.

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