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Sean Farley sean at farley.io
Thu Jun 8 23:08:59 CEST 2017

Sergio Durigan Junior via cfarm-users
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> On Thursday, June 08 2017, Sergio Durigan Junior via cfarm-users wrote:
>> On Saturday, June 03 2017, Baptiste Jonglez via cfarm-users wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The new website is usable but not yet completely functional, we will
>>> inform all users when it is ready.  In particular, SSH keys are not yet
>>> deployed on the farm machines.
>>> Requests for new accounts will be processed when everything is ready (in a
>>> few weeks, hopefully).
>> Hm, and what about those who already have accounts on the GCC Farm?
>> I've changed my SSH pubkey a long time ago and, despite many attempts to
>> get it updated on the farm, I never succeeded.
>> I tried logging into the website with my username but it doesn't accept
>> it; the "Forgot my password" form also doesn't send me any e-mails.  Is
>> it possible to send my key to someone who's able to update it on the
>> machines?
> FYI, I just got the password reset e-mail.  I was able to log in and
> upload my new SSH pubkey.  I'll wait until the website is functional so
> that my key gets refreshed on all machines.

Yeah, I'm in the same boat; somehow my key was messed up and I can no
login (curiously, though, I can log into the new gcc118 machines ... so
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